If you like the path of exile, you can play 3 games

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Action role-playing games provide fascinating gameplay, and the path of exile featuring the POE Currency system is the most representative. However, many players think it is complicated and these games are a good substitute for players who have completed the "Path of Exile".

Dungeon grabber (also known as "hack-and-slash" ARPG) is a type, and new versions are rarely released today. Some ARPG fans have been using Blizzard’s Diablo 2 for a long time, while others have migrated to Path of Exile, the free spiritual successor to the acclaimed game.

Warframe is not a dungeon crawler or isometric RPG. Warframe is a free third-person shooter game that has many similarities with "Path of Exile". Since there are a large number of Mods in the game, effective passive factors can change the behavior of items. Therefore, Buildingcrafting is a fundamental part of the rhythm of the Warframe game.

Each Warframe (actually the player's profession) provides a set of abilities for a specific game style. Players can use Nova to turn the entire army into dust particles, use Limbo to kill time, or use Atlas to penetrate enemies. The game lacks an in-depth endgame system, but the amount of content provided by Warframe is worth experiencing at the end of the "Path of Exile" league. The game is also free, so players can try this fast-paced predator shooting game for free.

If players want fast ARPG gameplay, Titan Quest is an excellent alternative to "Path of Exile" and "Diablo 2". In "Titan Exploration", players will fight against notorious creatures and gods in Greek mythology after completing the battle.

Like "Dawn of Terror", the first-class design of "Titan Exploration" is smoother, allowing players to create any character they want. Players can choose between two career modes and POE Trade Currency to get any skills or passive skills they want. Although "Titan Quest" has undoubtedly demonstrated today's era, its unique settings and smooth character customization functions make this type of game an excellent ARPG alternative to other dungeon crawlers.