Madden 21 TOTW 13 Predictions: MUT Team of the Week REVEALED!

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We are in December, with only a few weeks left in the regular season, and players can play their own way to get great cards. Another Sunday means that another TOTW is coming to the ultimate team of Madden 21. Some players are ready to buy MUT 21 Coins so that they can get these outstanding cards as soon as possible. Madden 21 Ultimate Team has introduced another class of outstanding players in the MUT 21 TOTW 13 series!

LTD-Kyle Van Noy. It is best to have a defensive player get the biggest card here. Van Noy is the behemoth of the New England Patriots, so it's great to see him bring his talent to Miami and deliver it. He was everywhere in the Dolphins' 19-7 victory over Bangladesh. The OL in Bangladesh will have nightmares about him, as will Brandon Allen. Van Noyscored 8 tackles and 3 sacks, hope he can start the new season. There is indeed an 87 OVR card in his "Most Feared" collection, but it would be a nice addition.

POTW- Darren Waller. Waller already owns the limited edition Monster 91 OVR, but he definitely deserves POTW here. In a sensational victory against the Jets, the Raiders relied on Waller for 13 catches, 200 yards and two TDs. For TE, this is an incredible day. He is demonstrating his abilities this year and may be surprised that 93 OVR POTW attracts a large number of visitors.

hero. This year, TOTW Heros was used to attract more historical players to join the game. I saw Willis McGahee and Demarcus Ware come in last week. So who is this time? It is almost impossible to guess, but we will continue to guess Nnamdi Asomugha or Darelle Revis, in case there is actually a week and we can act like Nostradamus. As always, the TOTW card was officially announced in "Good Morning Madness" on Tuesday. Make sure to play the solo challenge to get the team of the year token at the same time. If you haven't got the ideal card, don't worry, you can buy Madden Coins at the famous GameMS for help.