Think Quarterbacks Can Hold Onto The Ball While Diving

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Ayton showing in an 84 complete this year was an 85 overall just last year at the NBA 2K Coins release. That's doing the man dirty. With every stat across the board increased along with a noticeable leap in defensive play last year, they may still be penalizing him for his 25 game suspension.

Oubre stays level at 81 overall and you are able to make the argument that is reasonable but Rubio, 3rd in the NBA in Assists, took a dip from an 80 entire in 2K20 to 79 this year. We really must be overlooking something here.The biggest leap from last season to this season is Payne, who jumped from a 72 entire to a 74. Along with Carter, who jumped a point from 72 entire to 73 was well earned and it showed on the court.

The rest of the Suns roster like most years in the past settled in the 70's range, like Booker pointed out from the 2K players championship, not a fantastic team to play if cash is about the line.It is difficult to be positive about Buy 2K21 MT recently when the game is still short on explanations concerning why they don't listen to the fans on improvements and put out the exact same game year after year. The MyPlayer mode of course is something to build on but it seems to have taken a back seat before the next-gen consoles have been published.