Fuzzy Skin Retina for VideoJS

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Skin for VideoJS: Soccer, Fuzzy, AIR, Flat, Tube



  • Video.js that is open source HTML5 Flash video player, as well as YouTube and Vimeo (through plugins), used on over 200,000 websites
  • Skin with Tube Style
  • Retina Ready Fully Responsive
  • HTML5 CSS3
  • Support videojs-logo / videojs-watermark
  • Support keyboard shortcuts:
  • – Up/down arrow or mouse wheel - control volume – Right/left arrow - seek player by 5s – M - toggle mute – F or double click - toggle fullscreen – F or Esc - exits full-screen mode – 0 - restart video – 1-9 - skip to a particular section of the video (e.g., 0 is 0%, 9 is 90% and 5 goes to the video midpoint)
  • Support and updates
  • Wishlist Support
  • Well Documented

Include the skin on the page

The base Video.js skin is made using HTML and CSS. That means you can build a custom skin by simply taking advantage of the cascading aspect of CSS and overriding the styles you’d like to change.

link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="./video-js-5.10.4/video-js.min.css/linklink rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="./video-js/videojs-fuzzy.min.css/linkscript type="text/javascript" src="./video-js/video.js" /script

The main class name for all skin-specific styles. To make your own skin, replace all occurrences of ‘vjs-default-skin’ with a new name. Then add your new skin name to your video tag instead of the default skin.

video class="video-js vjs-big-play-centered"


  • VideoJS Player Homepage
  • VideoJS Player Documentation
  • Learn more about CSS Skinning Guide
  • Learn more about Building VideoJS Skins
  • Create Custom VideoJS Player
  • Icons font generator using SVG files
  • PX to EM conversion made simple
  • Online CSS Minifier/Compressor
  • VideoJS Source Code
  • How to build VideoJS from source


  • Support responsive on mobile – 18 April 2020.
  • The launch of the Fuzzy Skin Retina for VideoJS 7 – 23 November 2019.

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