NBA 2K21:all the news to know

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NBA 2K21 introduced a free season in the "My Team" mode, based on the update of the rewards provided on the one hand, and the addition of novelty to the mode of each season, which lasted about six weeks. The goals for each season are coordinated by daily, weekly and seasonal agendas. Completing these goals allows you to accumulate more experience and enter other seasons. If you reach the highest level, in addition to the rewards for each upgrade, you will also receive a grand prize. The grand prize of season 1 is the pink diamond of Stephen Curry. Players can also purchase NBA 2K21 MT to get more advanced cards.

NBA 2K21 also provides a new online multiplayer game mode and a new My Limited Team mode. The five rings collected will allow you to unlock the "Pink Diamond" cards of outstanding players. This new mode is only available on weekends and is limited in training so that you can accept new challenges and challenge yourself to players who may not be used to control. The "Redeem" function allows you to redeem your card for other rewards. You can also buy Cheap NBA 2K21 MT to get more powerful cards.

The scene of NBA 2K21 is also available in an intangible version in the online key store. The scene focuses on the story of the son of a famous basketball player. He dreams of joining the NBA, so he must join a university. The "My Career" model takes place in a new area: 2K Beach, which is characterized by a sunny environment and modern infrastructure. Many NBA games are held here, and there are many institutions well known by game fans.

In NBA 2K21, the Pro controls have been redesigned so that players can be controlled more precisely. The right stick has a wider range of use and can release a wider range of dribbles. The left trigger has also been changed to make Street's movement more accessible and to avoid inadvertently activating them by eliminating defenders. The new version of NBA 2K provides new special sizes.

In this new work, the rangefinder used for manual shooting becomes a sighting system. The shooting window will dynamically change according to the player's ability, challenge and shooting range. The new system has also been optimized to limit disputes and two-step control. New iconic defensive moves and special street shooting modes have been incorporated into NBA 2K21. The badge has been redesigned and the "Quick Trigger" badge is no longer available to give priority to the suspense shooting speed. If you need to buy NBA 2K21 MT, welcome to GameMS.