A new extension of the Path of Exile "Echo Atlas" is now available

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After briefly eliminating "Cyberpunk 2077" in December, "Path of Exile" today released the latest extended version "Echo". The 1.13 update of "Escape Path" is now live, which adds many new features, such as a new map, a new endgame leader and a new passive skill tree.

"In "Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas", you can use your POE Currency to specialize in various aspects of the atlas, and make observation stones to complete rewards. Choose up to ten map bosses to face each other at the same time Make a combination. Maven, Atlas’s new peak boss challenge.

Maven sounds like a particularly difficult new task, because it will require you to defeat several other bosses, and then return to your kingdom to fight them again. After that, he will finally decide to fight for himself.

There is also a new ceremony to challenge the alliance, offering sacrifices on altars around the world. You must to kill the barbarians who protect them, and then activate the altar for other problems: kill more animals that attack it to get paid from the altar.

The shredder is specifically designed to allow players to skip this part of the update. Co-founder Chris Wilson said in a post yesterday: "We put forward many league ideas that tried to be friendly in the past, but only when we discovered this idea did we realize Buy POE Orbs is worth the fun.

"Escape Route" is one of the best RPGs on PC, and it becomes even better by playing it for free. There will always be a lot to do, because "Path of Exile 2" will be released in 2022.