The amount of gold an individual player

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The screen shots will be taken every so often on OSRS gold gamers that are thought to be macroing. The screen shots will likely bring about lag into the game so if anyone has some better ideas here post on that. But the whole idea of a screen shot is to identify if the participant is speaking in any way. Most Macroers have a script which will enable players to talk to you personally and you'll have a set question or queries the program will respond to. The screen shot will just help check the chat on such player.

Even if Jagex did possess the materials to create a program could record all of the chat lines, would you simply fathom the idea of how much storage space that it would consume? I have also begun to notice that people have disagreed with this, why? They say because of random clicking. Random clicking will not get your player logged into the database, you need to have hit the tree a lot of times before it is going to take you title. This can help to prevent the arbitrary clickers try to leave or get out of there current location. Though I have arrived at a debate with Buy runescape 3 gold myself over this. Could the program be educated to only record following the participant took so many clips, or would it have to list your own stats after the first hit?