The thriving community of "Path of Exile" reminds me of MMOs such as "World of Warcraft"

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DoT Trickster's toxic rainwater covered a lot of ground and severely damaged the melting of the face.

Many gamers are familiar with the isometric, spam and heist experience of the "Diablo" game series. But before trying "Diablo 4", another game that fans of the series might try is "Path of Exile", and now is a good time to join the game.

The first thing about "Path of Exile" is that it was created by fans of the Diablo series who were not satisfied with the show at the time. Therefore, the function of "Path of Exile" is similar to that of "Diablo", which has a good luster after years of hardening. There are a large number of POE Currency options, countless build types to choose from, and you can also try to establish a new challenge alliance. This is the best introductory version of the "Path of Exile" Ritual Challenge Alliance.

The Challenge Alliance of Path of Exile is essentially a series of challenges that players can try to rotate rewards. Every 13 weeks, the league swaps out a new head. This time, it changed from robbery to etiquette, which involves fighting a large number of monsters while dealing with boosting effects and/or environmental hazards. It is released next to Echoes of the Atlas extension, which contains changes to existing build components, so older versions may not be so viable.

When creating a structure in "Path of Exile", one of the most important things is to understand the purpose of the building. Since etiquette is a war involving dangerous eternal wars, direct injury and survival are the key. With this in mind, in addition to considering the budget and scale of expansion, the proposed best entry-level structure should also consider eliminating enemies and preventing damage from court subpoenas or habeas corpus.

DoT Trickster's toxic rainwater covered a lot of ground and severely damaged the melting of the face. This is slightly different from the previous "Path of Exile", "toxic rain and thunder and lightning crooks" robbery challenge, which covers some of the same concepts. When it comes to mines, destroyers, and explosive traps, you can cause huge damage to the leader by POE Orbs, and you can cause a lot of damage immediately without waiting for the accumulation of damage.