The latest pair of Madden 21 LTDs are here

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In Madden 21, there has never been a lack of new player cards that can attract players’ interest.

In Madden 21, there has never been a lack of new player cards that can attract players’ interest. Even if those cards are sold at a lot and require players to pay a lot of MUT 21 Coins to get them, they will pay for it. Chris Godwin and Ryan Kerrigan have become the objects of purchase by current players since they appeared on the Ultimate Team. The former was a Super Bowl champion, and the latter has also left a strong mark in NFL history.

Chris Godwin LTD is the chief weapon of MUT 21. His overall rating is as high as 98, and he even surpasses certain members of the 99 club in some aspects. In addition, he scored 97 points in both short-distance running and traffic, and 96 points in speed, spectacular capture and medium route. Therefore, the playability and actual strength of this Godwin LTD are very worthy of the players to enjoy. If players want other offensive threats, they can buy it with Jimmy Graham as the target in MUT Flashbacks released for Wildcard Wednesday.

Ryan Kerrigan LTD will lead the Madden 21 Ultimate Team. If players need an organizer on the defensive end, Ryan Kerrigan from the Washington football team may be just what they need. The brand new Kerrigan LTD is still 98 OVR. His outstanding performance is definitely a threat to Play Recognition’s 98 and Power Moves’ 98. Kerrigan’s Acceleration, Strength and Tackling also scored 94 points, which allowed him to occupy Madden 21 Coins in the Madden 21 Ultimate Team defensive line.

The strength of these two players is directly proportional to the price. It is also more reasonable according to the price of each player’s strength or rating. If players really want to pursue these players but suffer from not having enough Madden Coins, they may wish to seek help from GameMS to buy some Cheap MUT Coins to solve this economic difficulty. Do it now.