How to get a Steam trading card

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Steam trading cards were originally dropped by players during the game. Players can use cards to synthesize badges and get some good-looking game-exclusive pictures and emoticons. Used to decorate your own Steam profile interface. You can also get XP to get your Steam Level Up.

Get a free Steam trading card
The only way for free is through the game. But the probability of obtaining is not very high, and it requires players to invest some time. Although there are currently more than 8,000 games with this mechanism, it is impossible for players to obtain a complete set of cards for the game. Generally, half of the cards required for a certain badge can be obtained. At this time, if you want to get the remaining cards, you can only exchange them with your friends.

Players want to get more trading cards for free, playing games is indispensable, and the second thing is to increase the probability. The higher the player's Steam level, the higher the probability of obtaining a Steam Level Booster pack containing three trading cards. Generally, there will be a drop rate increase every ten levels. Players may also get some rare cards or aluminum foil cards that are inherently rare.

Pay to get a Steam trading card
Sometimes friends may not be willing to exchange, you can directly make a trade offer. When the transaction partner is not on your friend's list, it is recommended to add friends first. After all, most of the time players find cards are also released from the Steam community. If you place an order through the Steam market, then the purchase is more time-consuming and laborious. Of course, you can also go directly to the Steam market to search for the card and buy a card that meets your budget.

And it will be achieved through third-party transaction links. Many websites that provide the Buy Steam Level Up service complete the service through the player's transaction link. You can also ask friends to make your Steam trading card transaction successful through your trading link. At the same time, you can also trade some other items.

In addition to the use of Steam transactions to synthesize badges, some rare cards are valuable to obtain aluminum foil cards, and you can collect them or sell them. Allows you to get some money for small games.