When will the Steam sale date be this year?

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Steam's large-scale seasonal promotions twice a year have always been the time players are most looking forward to. After all, this is the time when you can buy games at the biggest discount twice in the year. Although Valve will not publicly announce the start date in advance, it will disclose the planned date with the developer and cooperation activities. Because there will be a group of users who know the specific date and will wait until the event starts before buying, which is equivalent to reducing revenue. So everything looks like a secret.

Unfortunately, due to the relatively fixed time of the annual activities, the estimated time error is only one to two weeks. This year's secret is no longer a secret, it has been determined to be from June 24 to July 8 this year. It may be because there is currently a spring sale renamed Steam Open World Sale. Players can still experience a wave of discounted benefits in advance.

Players who want to buy the game and need Steam Level Up can participate in it immediately. There should also be players who have prepared their money to welcome this summer promotion! The biggest difference between this time and previous years should be the sophistication of the points store. Players can redeem more items after buying cheap games, and there will be more Steam Levels that can be upgraded.

As we all know, seasonal badges and promotional award badges contain a lot of XP. Maybe this year there will be players who will challenge the first place, but that's not necessarily true. Of course, the first place may also challenge a higher level, after all, Steam opened a higher level after he reached the top. For players with low levels, it is an opportunity to leap, and for players with high levels, it is an opportunity to reduce stress. It is really troublesome to synthesize game craft badges. The XP they need to upgrade to one level is too big. Otherwise, there will not be so many players who will Buy Steam Lvl Fast to save time.

It is a pity that the exploratory activity has ended on the 31st. Players need to wait patiently for 24 days to participate in the summer sale. But it is also a chance for players. Add the games you want to buy and like to your wish list. Pay attention to the publisher's bundles, expansion packs, DLC, etc. are all good plans.

The intensity of summer promotions is generally when the discount is greatest throughout the year, and the number of players attracted may also be the largest, and more new games will appear at that time. Because there is indeed more time to prepare for the game, and there will be no need for other conflicts of activities.