What updates of Animal Crossing: New Horizons will Nintendo release during E3 2021?

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What updates of Animal Crossing: New Horizons will Nintendo release during E3 2021?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been more than a year since its release last year. Although Nintendo updates some seasonal events every year, the content of the game remains almost unchanged. Many players start to get bored with the content of the game, and islands are being abandoned every day. However, some loyal fans of the Animal Crossing game still hope that the game will remain alive in the next few years. Therefore, they hope that Nintendo will release some major updates during the upcoming E3 2021.

Expanded characters and returning favorites
Although there are Rover, Gulliver, Isabel and some other favorite characters appearing, players are eager to see more Animal Crossing Items characters in other Animal Crossing games. If New Horizons will receive any sensation in the past, it will most likely be Brewster and his coffee shop. In fact, although it is not mentioned in the code, some savvy gamers have discovered that a cafe may be added on the island. However, unfortunately there is currently no news about whether this will really be in the update. Nevertheless, with the increase of art galleries in museums, this is not entirely impossible.

In addition to Brewster, there are many other characters that will add luster to the island. Tortimer, Kapp'n and his family, Harriet, Katrina, Pelly, Pete and more have yet to come to these islands. These characters can provide New Horizons with new diversity through new events, tropical resorts, and even resorts that provide rare and interesting activities.

The adventure is not necessarily an empty island full of tarantulas. Instead of visiting the same islands again and again, it is better to go elsewhere. Speaking of resorts, Nook Miles Island Tours can be transformed. In fact, visiting new shops, lively towns and tropical resorts can be a good pace of change. In addition, just like the previous Animal Crossing, this will be a great opportunity to go out and play mini games with friends.

Some things that make life easier
A great way to update Animal Crossing: New Horizons and get players back is to simply make the process better. A huge update does not necessarily mean a bunch of new events, characters, or even places to go. It may be enough to make things easier! Simply addressing some inconveniences can go a long way-like when they add more custom slots! Want to build in your Animal Crossing Bells house without taking things out of your warehouse? of course! Maybe you want to buy multiple tickets from the Nook Miles kiosk? That can be arranged.

Basic convenience upgrades will be of great benefit. You can make multiple items at once or customize them when making them. Add a target icon so that you don't pick up flowers instead of items. In addition, it is also nice to see which of your friends opened their island by simply checking the screen. These additions will not only make the experience better, but also more enjoyable. Finally, you can increase the chance of generating rare items. It would be great to add some new island tours with rare bugs and fish. For example, the player will be able to kill two birds with a stone.