​The creative method of animals crossing the player

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Compared with many other mainstream games, there is very little possibility of harming players in the Animal Crossing series, but there are some dangerous little animals here. Although small animals are small, they can cause great harm to players. One of the small animals is the wasp, and the wasp can be found every time the player shakes out the nest from the tree. Players with a certain amount of experience will go to the ACBellsBuy store and choose Buy Animal Crossing Items to protect their safety. Unsurprisingly, shaking the tree will anger the bee colony inside, and they will fly out quickly and sting the player. To protect themselves, players can catch them with the net first. This will avoid contact with wasps.

However, a resourceful animal crossing: New Horizons players use a clever method to avoid wasp bites. Players use party explosives to drive away a group of wasps before being stung. This approach is Animal Crossing: unique to New Horizons. Once the wasps come out of the nest, fast-reacting players can use party props to disperse the swarm before they are stung. The player also posted a short clip to show the practical application of the technology.

Players need to note that the party marbles are disposable items. It will disappear from the player's hands after use. Players can save them in Animal Crossing's shop Nook's Cranny, where they are sold for 100 bells. The bells for sale can help players choose Buy Animal Crossing Items to experience the game experience. In addition to this method, other players also shared the method of distributing the wasp colony. Although these methods are different, each method will have different results. Overall, they are very interesting. The method is different, the time required for the implementation process is different.

Many savvy animal crossings: New Horizons players will keep their distance from the wasps when they encounter a swarm because this is the easiest way to deal with them. The wasp still has a certain value. The Hornets are worth 2,500 bells. If the wasp is caught, it can be sold. Wasps also appear at any time of the year, which makes them relatively popular. In contrast, using a blaster to disperse wasps is not the most economical and reasonable in-game technology for dealing with bee colonies, but it is really interesting to witness.