Rocket Legaue Guide - Getting more Credits

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It’s quick and will teach you some of the basic mechanics, like jumping and double jumping, boosting, and rolling.

Rocket League has been around for a long time, but it just went free-to-play which has thousands of new players wondering what the hell is going on in this rocket-powered soccer car game. The answer is “a lot” and if you like to customize those rocket-powered cars then it’s even more complex. There’s tons of customization options for both your car and your profile, and while a lot of it is free, some requires you to pay some money. But that money can be used in different ways to gain the real currency: credits. Here's how to get Rocket League Credits in Rocket League.

Rocket League – Getting Started

There are several cars to choose from in Rocket League, and completing matches will unlock new cars and new gear that can be used to customize those cars. Every car comes with its own set of stats, like hitbox differences and turning radii.

It’s important to note that each car has the same speed off the line. Even though there are some variations with each car, they are quite minimal, and you’ll hardly notice them when you’re in the middle of a match.

Use a car that you enjoy or one that you think looks the best. You can get good with any car in the lineup. After you’ve picked a car, it’ll be time to get playing, and a good place to start is the tutorial.

It’s quick and will teach you some of the basic mechanics, like jumping and double jumping, boosting, and rolling. We recommend playing both tutorials before you play online – your team will thank you for it.

You will also choose a camera style, with the default settings having the Ball Cam turned off. This means that the camera will follow the front of your car by default, and you’ll see right ahead in the direction that your car is facing.

There will be an arrow around your car that points to where the ball is at all times. Pressing Y on your Xbox controller or the Triangle on your PS4 controller will toggle the viewing options.


Consider spending some time in Rocket League’s training mode to get a feel for the way the physics in the game works. Get yourself used to the way the ball bounces off of your car and the walls, and practice using the double jump to dodge into the ball, adding more power to your shots.


It would be best if you also learned to ride the walls and get comfortable with that since the change in perspective can be quite disorienting and challenging to control. While Rocket League is soccer, in essence, it is more similar to hockey.

When you are attacking, you will generally want two players trying to score, while the third stays near the middle of the field. The third player will either be the first defense against a counterattack or will fill in the attack when a teammate moves to collect a boost.

Ball Control

Controlling the ball is also important, and you should resist the urge to punt the ball toward the net every time you come into contact with it. It’s generally more effective to use your first touch to control the ball, then use other touches to pass to teammates who can shoot more accurately.


Rocket league is generally quite 2D at the lower ranks. You’ll probably hit the ball from the ground most times, and you won’t really hit the ball from the air. However, you should consider mastering aerials as quickly as possible, as it will give you quite an advantage.

Earning Credits In-Game

Credits have replaced Keys as the new premium currency in Rocket League. They can be used to upgrade your Rocket Pass, build items from Blueprints, trade items with other players, or purchase Featured Items.

The best way to earn credits for free is by trading with other players. If you have quite a few items in-game that are valued highly in the Rocket League trading market, consider selling them to other payers, or to Rocket League trading stores, where you’ll be able to earn cash or credits.

Hopefully this brief guide will help you getting more rocket league credits, and you'll be a market whiz in no time. You can click to learn more information about How to Get Credits in Rocket League 2020 or buy cheap league rocket credits