World of Warcraft players are enjoying the Death Rising activity in the game

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World of Warcraft is currently under siege of the undead, and a cunning player is manipulating the necrotic plague to confuse the MMORPG's own large number of adventurers not controlled by robots.

Before the release of Shadowlands next week, World of Warcraft's Death Rising event brought the theme "Scourge Invasion 2006" to the fat "Shamblin" Scourge. In this round, players can be infected and temporarily become zombies, and zombies can attack and infect other players themselves. In fact, before the terrible seriousness of Shadowlands is properly released, this event is a good fun. But as reported by PCGamesN, a Warcraft player has been using infections to throw the Classic WOW Gold stunner into chaos-players use scripted accounts to breed monsters in lucrative locations.

Now, under normal circumstances, if someone decides to kill their character, the killer has an appropriate plan. Run back, resurrect, continue grinding. However, when they turn into zombies, effectively paralyzing the character and using a wrench in the owner's farming plan, this method will not work.

A few minutes after vid, the shock wave appeared by itself, and the Cheap WOW Classic Gold language became a bit nice and colorful. They began to brag, even though they left the scene quickly while dealing with the plague, it was more trouble than it should have been. Blizzard has recently been using third-party tools to reduce players’ blows to the orcs, thereby giving itself an advantage. It has expressed a stricter attitude by mirroring technologies such as "multi-boxing" across multiple character inputs. What makes me interesting is that diseases in games have never been considered as effective as discouraging developers.

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