The Path of Exile team optimized a feature that players are most concerned about

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It has improved the Path of Exile Stash Tab Affinities and Folders that players complained about. On Tuesday of this week, GGG added the 3.12.5 patch carefully crafted by developers to Path of Exile. Now players can feel fortunate that they can clearly plan their use of POE Items and POE Currency and other materials. They have been playing in the Heist League for two full months, and they have gained countless treasures.

Let us recall that in the original 3.12.4 patch, the game team introduced Stash Tab Affinities and Folders. Those practical mechanisms can bring players better storage management when they plunder and polish. This patch 3.12.5 aims to make some improvements to these functions. These improvements include UI adjustments, such as moving the “Create New Folder” button, and some fixes.

The first thing players can see is that the developer has fixed placing Stash Tab in an invisible, hidden folder if the folder only contains only deleted tabs. The problem of the incorrect display order of the tags stored in different areas of the folder has also disappeared. Previously, when there were no characters in the player’s account at level 25 or higher, they would display an error when they enabled an Affinity on the Stash Tab. Now this error has also been fixed by the game team.

To be precise, this patch not only optimizes the experience that Stash Tab Affinities and Folders brings to players, but also further increases the playability and interest of the Heist League. Not only that, the Mac version of Path of Exile has also received some improvements, as can be seen from recent feedback from Mac users.

In fact, this is also the helpless move of the game team. Because they postponed the release plan of the POE 3.13 expansion, they had to invest more energy than usual in the current Heist league to maintain the enthusiasm of the players. Loyal fans of Path of Exile should also Buy POE Exalted Orb to support them to go further in the game.