Madden NFL 21 will soon release patch 1.19

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Madden NFL 21 update 1.19 has been released, and this is the complete list of changes and fixes added by this update. The list of patch notes for this update is very short, which can be expected considering that EA released a fairly large patch last week. This update may only contain minor bug fixes and Madden 21 Coins improvements, so don’t expect any fundamental changes. This is all the new features of Madden NFL 21 update 1.19.

There is no official patch note for Madden NFL 21 update 1.19. All we have to do is the official PlayStation update change log, which is read in the same way as usual. The general change log is listed below.

Although there is no official patch note, some players have noticed that this update solves the severe disconnection problem some players have encountered since the last update was released. The file size of the patch is very small, so other than this, it is impossible to make any comprehensive adjustments. With Madden NFL 21 coming to the next-generation console on December 4, more minor updates may be released in the coming days. The EA team is preparing for the next generation of games and is working hard to solve as many problems as possible. To ensure a smooth start.

Players can still unlock more characters by Buy MUT Coins in madden 21, and can also make their game journey more colorful. The next patch release will definitely make players more fascinated.